sweets that you want to reach for when your fat hormones are out of control

Learn How To Control These 5 Fat Hormones And Kiss Cravings Goodbye

Trying to slim down? Then you need to know about these five hormones – they’re major players in how much you weigh. And you can control them. Here’s how…


So THIS Is Why Your Daily Vitamins Make You Nauseous

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar to you: You grab your vitamins, gulp them down and before you know it you’re hit with a wave of nausea. What gives?!

vegan oreos

8 Things You Didn’t Know Were Totally Vegan

There is a secret bunch of foods that vegans can eat. Here, a sneaky crib note on plant-based goodies in the supermarket.

birth control pills

Your Complete Guide To Quitting Your Birth Control

Whatever the reason for your birth control break, it’s important to make sure you go off that Pill or ring the right way.

a hand holding toilet poop paper

This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Hold In Your Poop

Let’s be real, going at the office or at bae’s can be super awkward, prompting many of us to develop some odd holding patterns.

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