berries and strawberries are foods that'll upgrade your diet

40 Foods That’ll Help You Upgrade Your Diet

Here, the foods that you should be adding to your shopping list ASAP if you want to lose weight, get healthy and boost your health.

Does a cardio or weights exercise like skipping burn more fat?

Which Is Actually Better: Cardio Or Weights?

Finally, the answer we’ve all been waiting for! Which should you pick to: burn fat, rein in your appetite and tone up… Cardio or weights?

Libido Supplements

WARNING: Avoid These 3 Common Libido Supplements

We got the low-down from the experts on which libido supplements actually work, which are bogus and three that are seriously dangerous!

razor for hair removal

Which Is The Best Hair Removal Method For You?

We know you have ingrown hairs. We also know you don’t want them. That’s why we break down the hair removal options, so you choose what’s best for you!

fruit popsicles

Guilt-Free Popsicles Just In Time For Summer

For a guilt-free summer treat, here’s how to make these kiwi and spanspek popsicles…

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