three local fitness stars

These 10 Local Fitness Gurus Will Inspire You To Live Your Best Life

It takes a huge amount of willpower and inner strength to be continuously motivated to workout. These fitness gurus will get you out of your fitness rut.


Which Is Actually Better For Weight Loss: Diet Or Exercise?

We turned to the experts to find out what really matters most — diet or exercise — for losing weight, fighting disease and boosting overall wellbeing.

a woman holding two small dumbbells for quick workout results

Is It REALLY Possible To See Results If You Only Work Out A Few Minutes A Week?

So what if you only worked out a few minutes a week? Is it still possible to get fit and see results? Experts suggest the answer is “yes”


28 Easy Food Swaps That’ll Help You Lose Weight

Just call it the Ultimate Fat Fighter. Fibre fills you up, then slims you down. Use these 28 simple food swap tactics to eat more – and lose weight…

food that are high in lectin that make you gain weight

This New Diet Says Some ‘Healthy’ Foods Might Actually Make You GAIN Weight

Just when we thought we’d heard of every diet fad out there (ban carbs! skip sugar!), a new one recently popped up that genuinely took us by surprise.

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