pink menstrual cup

Is It Safe To Have Sex While Wearing A Menstrual Cup?

We’ve all been there: You’re on your period, ready to get down, and then you remember you’re wearing a menstrual cup. So… what do you do?

A kettlebell weight you'd use for a strength workout

Exactly How To Pick The Right Weight For Your Workout

Weight training is a brilliant way to tone and sculpt your body. Not sure where to start? Here’s how to choose the right weight for your goals…

banana is exactly what you should eat before you run

Exactly What Should You Eat Before And After A Run

Not sure what you should eat before you head off on that run or after your first big race? The key is to fuel up the right way. Here’s some advice…

healthy vegetables on a table which you need for the 7-day slim-down plan

This Is Literally The EASIEST 7-Day Slim-Down Plan You’ll Ever Try

This easy-to-follow meal plan covers your breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks for seven days — and that’s all you need to lose weight, and keep it off!

a mirena IUD on a blue background

6 Things You Need To Know About Sex When You Have An IUD

Seeing as the Mirena is becoming more popular than ever, one important question needs to be answered: How does having an IUD affect your sex life?

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