a woman doing a total-body workout on a pink exercise mat against a blue background

This Total-Body Strength Move Will Make You Feel Like a Total Badass

While there’s plenty of workout routines out there to help sculpt your whole body, we’ve got an amazing move that will take your strength to the next level.

A close-up of a woman's hand and foot doing naked yoga

This Is Why So Many Women Are Posting Naked Yoga Photos On Instagram Right Now

If you’ve been wondering what’s up with all the naked yoga posts, it just so happens to be the latest body positive social media trend.

Expired tampons on a pink background

We Asked A Doctor If Tampons Expire And Her Answer Kind Of Blew Our Minds

You know condoms have a sell-by date, but it turns out something else you stick in your V can expire, too.

food flat lay with missing items of food to represent a fasting diet

What You Need To Know Before You Try A Fasting Diet To Lose Weight

A mere five years ago, fasting was a top diet taboo. Now it’s the core of an increasingly popular (and increasingly research-backed) weight-loss approach.

WH Michelle October performing a yoga october pose

Join The WH Yoga October Challenge To Get Strong And Flexi!

Always wanted to try yoga… or just looking to get stronger and more flexi? Take the WH Yoga October challenge to master a pose a day — and a complete sequence by the end of the month!

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