Your Sex Questions Answered

Posted on: June 15th, 2011 by Thamar Houliston

In our July sex issue Roger Moore and Baglett answer your embarrassing sex questions. Here are more questions answered. Warning: Not for sensitive readers…

  1. The Squirts?
  2. Funny Sex Faces
  3. An Ugly Vagina?
  4. Penis Versus Vagina
  5. Sexy Work Dreams

The Squirts?

Q: When I orgasmed the other night, I squirted and some went in my boyfriend's face. He was shocked and I was mortified. Is it even normal? She says: A guy got a lazy eye from that once. He says: I think there's a a Schwarzenegger movie featuring the shejaculator. It definitely features in Californication. To answer your question, yes it is "normal" in the sense that you are not alone. Okay, we're stretching the truth because not everyone 'fesses up to being able to squirt. What is known is that some women, when stimulated, have their Skeyne's glands (otherwise known as the U-spot or female prostate) activated. That's what results in... shejaculate. It's a murky, contested area of sexual science. Not all women can squirt and not all women even have Skeyne's glands. Think of it as a unique skill like bokdrolspoeg. She says: Some girls think it's a myth like male monogamy or having multiple orgasms while sleeping. The truth is, if it happens, be proud and sign yourself up for a porn movie. You're officially sexalented. He says: If he remains shocked, you could play out a domestic worker fantasy involving you spraying him with Windolene. Get him a wetsuit and a pair of goggles.

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