4 Ways To Avoid Cheating

Posted on: August 25th, 2011 by Thamar Houliston

Resist going down the infidelity path. Avoid cheating by following these steps…

  1. Come Up With A Game Plan
  2. Choose Your Friends
  3. Embrace Your Wandering Eye
  4. Get Together And Get It On

Come Up With A Game Plan

15151-marriedcheat-6347.jpgFigure out how you're going to deal with temptation before you're faced with it. This is particularly important for men. In a study at McGill University in Canada, men entered a room in which images of beautiful women flickered off the walls for a fraction of a second (noticeable only to the subconscious). The guys who thought about how they'd respond to an attractive woman before going into the room avoided the areas with those images. Men who hadn't prepared a response were drawn to them.

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