Survive a Girl’s Night Out

Posted on: October 23rd, 2009 by Thamar Houliston

Your favourite friends, killer shoes and sexiest jeans – the best ingredients for a girl’s night out. But did you know that a night with your mates can actually be good for your health? It’s true.

Spending time with your girls can help you reduce stress and bounce back from illness quickly; it reduces chances of coronary-related diseases – and it can extend your life.

Time on the dance floor equals kilojoules burnt (1600 in an hour, to be exact), and laughter is a great workout (giggling for 10 minutes will give you the equivalent workout of half an hour on a stationary bicycle).

So this summer, get yourself in the company of some X-chromosomes, put on those dancing shoes – and get out there looking and feeling fabulous.

  1. Getting All Dressed Up
  2. Handbag Tactics
  3. Healthy Heels
  4. Get Ready Anywhere
  5. Cocktail Curbing
  6. Get That Guy
  7. The Morning After

Getting All Dressed Up

Aug 09 CAro blog- survive beauty emergency.jpg

Your BFF calls as you’re leaving work. “Sundowners at six,” she says. Luckily, you’re well prepared and have an emergency make-up kit that includes:

Concealer: The magic wand. Apply under the eye area, on the brow bone and around the nose, and blend in well.

Blusher: In the wise words of make-up guru Bobbi Brown: “For the most natural look, match the blush colour to that of the cheeks when flushed from exercise.”

Eyeliner: Chocolate brown or charcoal will add drama to your sundowner look.

Mascara: Choose brown or black, depending on your skin tone.

Lip Gloss or Stain: Just dab on with your finger for a bitten-lip look.

Mirror: A compact is a must. Position yourself in a spot with as much natural light as possible – those bathroom fluorescents are hazardous to your self-image.

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