Office: Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Posted on: July 23rd, 2012 by Kirsty Carpenter

The office can be a minefield of lifestyle hazards and delicate situations, but follow our insider tips for 10 of the trickiest and you’ll save face. Here’s how to…

  1. Survive The Work Function
  2. Resign Without Burning Bridges
  3. Keep Cool In A Crisis
  4. Eat Well On Schedule
  5. Defeat Boredom
  6. Admit You’ve Messed Up
  7. Stop Avoiding Back-ups
  8. Embrace (But Don’t Abuse) Social Media
  9. Beat The Office Bully
  10. Ask For An Increase

Survive The Work Function

Problem: You know nobody Common Mistake: Trying too hard The Inside Track: Stay professional Oh, the landmine-strewn work function! If you’re nervous, the obvious advice is not to drink too much or things could get messy. Instead, do some homework beforehand. Your presence at work functions is still about you as a professional, says Liesl Vogt, a clinical psychologist at the Bryanwood Therapy and Assessment Centre in Bryanston. Get in touch with the organiser and clarify whether the event is purely social or intended to promote networking. “The organiser will also let you know what to wear, and dressing appropriately goes a long way to boosting confidence,” says Vogt. Ask to be seated next to somebody you’ll have something in common with; if this isn’t possible, position yourself at a central point in the room and maintain a friendly and open attitude, making eye contact and introducing yourself. “You’ll appear to be the most approachable person in the room and soon people will be talking to you,” says Vogt.

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