Lethal Foods For Your Diet

Posted on: January 17th, 2011 by Kirsty Carpenter

Every wondered what makes junk food so lethal? “Junk food is usually a combo of sugar, fat and salt,” says dietician Charlene Giovanelli-Nicolson, “and is associated with overindulgence as it doesn’t satisfy satiety”. Here’s how to to keep these bad guys in check…

  1. Where The Sugar Is Hiding
  2. The Fat You Crave
  3. The Salt Trap

Where The Sugar Is Hiding

sprinkles.jpgSugar can be included as part of a prudent diet if used in moderation. Think Beyond The Sugar Bowl: Sugar lurks in prepared and packaged food, flavoured yoghurt, salad dressing, tomato sauce, juice and caffeinated drinks. Recommended Serving: 90g

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