This Week's Workouts!

Avoid These Tapering Traps!

Running a half marathon soon? You’ll find that you’ll be a little confused as to how to train, grumpy from not getting your weekly kilometre-fix and you’ll probably start to panic. Don’t stress – just read this…

How To Pace Yourself For A Half Marathon

Not sure how to pace yourself for a half marathon? Choose your goal and then remember the pace you need to keep with the help of these charts…

This Exercise Is Better Than Crunches!

Tired of doing crunches and seeing no results? Add the planking frog tuck to your routine today!

Rack Up A New Workout Routine

Build strength and confidence with this starter workout.

Recipes You'll Love!

Pork roast
Paprika Roast Pork Recipe

Looking for a lean meal that’s got flavour without the fat? Try this recipe that your guests will love!

Date, Coffee And Walnut Cake

This cake is nutty, moist and entirely wheat-free, so it makes perfect Passover fare… or just to have with an afternoon cuppa.

Avocado Cheesecake Recipe

Avocados and cheesecake. You wouldn’t normally associate these two together, but this combination works! Try this recipe.

Simply Splendid Salad Recipes

These fast and easy recipes highlight the unmistakable taste of fresh, sun-grown goodness.

What's Hot This Week

2014 MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet

The 2014 MTV Movie Awards took place over the weekend and the red carpet was a feast for the eyes. See the looks we love here…

How To Spot A Weight-Loss Scam

The problem with celebrity recommendations and transformations is that it probably isn’t true. Here’s how to spot a scam!

Seasonal Style Swaps

Not ready to let go of your sunny-day dresses? Here’s how to take your summer style into autumn.

Feel Fat? Add This To Your Breakfast!

Feeling a bit chunky? Adding peanuts or peanut butter to your breakfast can curb hunger throughout the day…

Sex It Up!

Help I Have Low Libido!

Struggling to get turned on? Dr Elna Rudolph to the rescue!

So Length Does Matter…

Women are finally admitting what men have suspected for years: penis length matters…

How To Prevent Love Wounds During Sex

Learn from our sex accidents and get off without getting wounded.

The Art Of Kissing

Lips aren’t the only places to kiss. Lay a wet one on one of these hot spots.


This Just In!

Thursday 17th, 2014
How To Get A Date On Tinder!

First impressions count, especially on Tinder! Here’s some advice on how to get men to swipe right…

How To Make A Double-Sided Twist In Your Hair

A step-by-step guide on how to create this elegant double-side twist in your hair.

Soothe Sore Muscles The Natural Way

Here’s a rundown of four all-natural remedies that have been backed up by science to soothe your sore muscles.

Look And Feel Great By Tomorrow

Last-minute weekend plans? Here are our simple tips to feel less bloated and look great by tomorrow!

What To Wear To Bed To Keep Him Interested

Do men really care what we wear to bed?

Wednesday 16th, 2014
Get In A Good Habit!

When you’re overwhelmed, you’re likely to fall back on habits – including good ones! Read this…

Today’s Top Tips


A cheaper, more nutritious
option than sports gels and
blocks. Bikers pedalled just as
hard when eating raisins as they
did when popping sports jellies
– and enjoyed the raisins more.
For long workouts, have one
tablespoon every 20 minutes.

Amazing Salad Ideas

If you have something soft and creamy (like avocado or goat cheese), make sure to also include something crunchy (like nuts or croutons) in your salad. The contrast will give the meal a lot more interest.

Quote Of The Day

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

-–J. R. R. Tolkien

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