Lemons on the cutting board to make lemon water

Everyone Is Obsessed With Drinking Lemon Water—But Is It Really Beneficial To Your Health?

Can such a cheap, simple, make-at-home drink live up to the hype? We asked registered dietitians to break down the real benefits of lemon water.

Coconut pieces on a yellow background

Can Coconut Oil Really Help You Lose Weight?

The oil, extracted from the flesh of a coconut, is rumored to boost dieters’ weight-loss efforts. But, it there truth to that claim or is it total B.S.?

a woman lying on a bed to represent orgasms

7 Factors That Can Have A Huge Impact On Your Orgasms

Sometimes, achieving orgasms feels less like a romantic, bodice-ripping throw down and more like a methodical hunt for an elusive, rare unicorn.

A woman outside doing morning exercise

15 Tips That Will Make It Way Easier To Exercise At The Crack Of Dawn

If you hate morning exercise, it’s probably because you’re not a morning person. And that’s okay! Here are tips that’ll help you learn to love it.

A couple in bed to represent whether you should pee before or after sex

Should You Pee Before Or After Sex? An Expert Explains Once And For All

Sexual folklore says that vagina-havers must dutifully pee after sex, if they want to avoid UTIs. But basic intuition says we should probably pee before…

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