Hair Colour Helpers

Posted on: July 4th, 2011 by Lori Cohen

Hitting the salon every few weeks to make sure that your hair colour is maintained can be very pricey. Here are ways to make your look last longer…

  1. Gloss Over It
  2. Use A Natural Dye
  3. Try An Overnight Treatment
  4. Touch Up Your Roots
  5. Deep Condition

Gloss Over It

iStock_000005108809XSmall.jpgAsk your colourist about a glossy type of shampoo and conditioner that deposits colour into your hair – professional brands such as Davines have these duos available for home use. "A direct pigment shampoo and conditioner adds more colour than what you're washing out post your salon visit," explains Candice Wyatt, owner and stylist at Joburg’s Wyatt Hairdressing. "It's a great product to extend the life of your colour and should be used for every third wash."

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