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Why You’re Using Shampoo Wrong

Posted on: by Women's Health

By Helen Clemson

Firstly, you’re using shampoo wrong! Think it’s just your conditioner that is packed with all the good-for-hair ingredients? Sure, we’ve always been encouraged to leave conditioner on longer than shampoo, but that doesn’t mean that shampoo is the lesser of the duo.

“There are more active ingredients in shampoos but not necessarily more than conditioners,” says CEO of Gary of Gary Rom. He explains that it’s important to shampoo your hair twice when washing it. “The second time, leave the shampoo on for at least three minutes for the active ingredients to work,” he says.

That all being said, conditioner is still a must because it seals off the hair cuticles after shampoo has opened it to cleanse it.

Want to invest in even smarter shampoo? Rom recommends Gary Rom Hairdressing Cortex Repair Shampoo (R315, available from www.Garyromhairdressing.co.za) that helps repair damaged hair thanks to a cocktail of vitamins and soybean oil.


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