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5 Reasons Why Every Girl Who Sweats Should Try These Facial Wipes

Posted on: by Women's Health
5 Reasons Every Girl Who Sweats Needs To Try These Facial Wipes

This post is sponsored by Cherubs, image by Freepik

You hit the gym to be healthy and look hot, but when you walk out with an embarrassingly bright-red face, you’re bummed? 

Let’s not even discuss the bacne, sports bra-induced boob chafing, hives and change of season from beating up your skin. Newsflash: The solution to all your post-sweat sesh problems actually fits into your gym bag. We’re talking about facial wipes that could nix those flare-ups and make sure you get to keep the radiance-bestowing rewards of your workout.

Cherubs have a range of eco-friendly products, to tenderly care for you, with the promise of a nurturing, greener environment. With a unique selling proposition of being the only flushable & biodegradable wipes in SA being introduced into the Cosmetic Wipe category.

Plus this range of eco-friendly products, is not only here to care for you but also for your baby or kids. Cherubs Eco-Care Make-Up Remover Facial Wipes are the newest launch from the brand. Available in the following variants : normal, dry/sensitive and oily/combination. The eco-care make-up remover range comes in packs of 24’s & 60’s.

5 Reasons Why You Should Reach For A Wipe…

> Cleanses skin gently and effectively.

> Removes make-up in a flash.

> Are specially formulated for sensitive skin.

> Are paraben free, chlorine free and petro-chemical free.

> Are biodegradable so as gentle on skin as it is to the earth.

As we all know that exercise increases circulation, which makes your skin glow. Cherubs is there to make sure you get to keep that glow without the excessive redness or breakouts…


5 Reasons Why Every Girl Who Sweats Should Try These Facial Wipes

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