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How Do I Stop Eating More When I Exercise?

Posted on: by Women's Health
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How do you make sure that exercising doesn’t make you eat more? Our expert Paola Wood has the answer!

Q: I’m hungrier on days I exercise – how do I make sure I burn more than I eat?

A: During or immediately after a workout, your appetite will often be suppressed, but a little later on hunger hormone levels increase and satiety hormones decrease, making you super hungry!

To avoid unnecessary nibbling, WH fitness expert Dr Paola Wood advises that you co-ordinate your workout times with your meals/snacks, so that finishing up your exercise session coincides with your next regular eating time. This will help you avoid skipping a meal, or eating an extra one.

The post-workout meal should be rich in carbs and protein,” says Wood. “Also ensure that you drink enough liquid – water or low-kilojoule sports drinks – during and after your session, since thirst is often mistaken for hunger.” With this in mind, weigh yourself before and after your workout to calculate how much fluid loss occurred, then slowly drink the same amount of water as your lost weight.

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