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Relationships Are Not Easy

Posted on: by Women's Health

Relationships are not easy. Fact is: Men and women are different. I’m slowing learning that there will always be ups and downs in every relationship because no two people are the same. When you do have a fight you are bound to do it in an emotional manner .i.e. shout, scream or heaven forbid, cry. He in turn goes silent. But this isn’t always the case; sometimes the roles can be reversed.

Our sex expert, Elna McIntosh says that, “learning to fight constructively is an important part of maintaining a loving and functional relationship. Keep your perspective when things are at their worst, and you and your partner will make it through to happier times”. Read her advice here.

So when you’re about to fly off the handle be careful of what you say because “sorry” can’t take back those destructive words.

Guys don’t have many secrets, but when they’re harbouring a juicy one watch out. Look at Joost van der Westhuizen and the sex tape saga, for example (turns out he was guilty as charged after all).

What would you do if he gave you shocking news, like; he slept with your best friend when you first started dating? Here’s how to deal with his shocking news without breaking your favourite vase…

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