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The Most Popular Diets of 2012

Posted on: by Women's Health
Most popular diets

Each year Google takes a look back at the stories, people and topics that piqued our interest enough to send us to Google Searching for more. The 12th Annual Year-End Zeitgeist tracks the queries with the highest amount of traffic during certain periods in 2012.These were the top results for ‘most popular diets’.

Michael Phelps Diet
While training for Beijing, Phelps would routinely down around 50 400 kilojoules a day to fuel his six-day-a-week, five-hour-a-day training schedule. Breakfast included three fried egg sandwiches, an omelette, French toast and three pancakes, while lunch and dinner included pasta at each meal, along with an entire pizza, all washed down with energy drinks and shakes. It’s enough to make nutritionists shudder, but Phelps needed the kilojoules, and burned them more quickly than the average adult his age, owing to his intense swimming routine. Unfortunately only athletes who train five to six hours a day can burn this much!

Beyond Diet
This gluten-free diet is built on the principles of eating foods with a low glycaemic index, or foods that don’t cause a spike in glucose levels in the blood that can release insulin and pack away fat. Nutritionist Isabel De Los Rios is the co-founder and face of the diet, which relies on an online community to educate, motivate and keep dieters shedding kilos. Dieters don’t count calories but do their homework ahead of time, so they focus on servings rather than kilojoules.

Raspberry Ketone Diet:
None other than Dr Mehmet Oz proclaimed raspberry ketones the “#1 miracle in a bottle for burning your fat,” and health food stores drained their inventories of the sweet-smelling pills. So far, the evidence for the fat-burning features of raspberry ketones comes from animal studies by researchers in Japan and Korea. In both, mice fed a high fat diet seemed to avoid gaining weight because the ketones appeared to boost levels of a hormone that helps to melt away the fat that otherwise would have accumulated. A 100mg daily dose to fight fat is the equivalent of 40 kilograms of fresh raspberries. Most experts remain sceptical about whether burning fat this way is realistic or safe, but manufacturers don’t need to worry: the Japanese research also showed that applying the ketones to bald spots helps some men to grow hair, and promotes younger looking skin for women.

PINK Method Diet
Dr Phil tends to be blunt about the advice he doles out, so it’s no surprise that he took on obesity head on by debuting the PINK Method diet on his show. P.I.N.K. stands for Power, Intensity, Nutrition and cardio with a K, and is designed to promote weight loss in women through healthy eating plans and high intensity workouts. The plan comes with a massive nutrition guide and workout DVDs, all led by women wearing – you guessed it – pink. Participants stick to light, unprocessed proteins as well as vegetables and fruits. Only one to two servings a week of alcohol is allowed, and refined sugars and processed foods are discouraged. As trendy diets go, it doesn’t raise too many nutritional eyebrows since it promotes healthier eating and getting active.

Adriana Lima Diet
Models’ bodies are a wonder to behold, but getting into runway shape is a no-nonsense. Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima wowed audiences at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show when she showed off the lingerie line just six weeks after giving birth. She put on over 18 kilograms of baby weight while pregnant that she needed to shed. Lima has always been fairly honest about how she gets her body runway ready. She told the Telegraph in 2011 that she sees a nutritionist, has her body’s muscle mass, fat and water retention measured regularly and drinks and 4 litres of water a day. Nine days before the big show, she avoids solids and sticks to only protein shakes. Two days before she stops drinking the water and drinks normally, and 12 hours before hitting the catwalk she stops drinking entirely. To get those toned muscles, she also works out for two or more hours a day.

Miranda Kerr Diet
Model Miranda Kerr, wife of actor Orlando Bloom, says she’s always been passionate about her health and wellness, telling Harper’s Bazaar she lives by the philosophy that “beauty starts from within and I make a conscious effort to fill my body with nutrients through the food I eat.” She credits her family for teaching her the “80/20″ rule: 80% good, 20% indulgent. Kerr also sticks to the Dr Peter D’Adamo Blood Type Diet. The diet uses blood groups to determine the best food choices a person should make, basing these options on the “immunologic relationships between specific foods and a person’s blood type and their role in controlling inflammation, versus traditional model of caloric restriction,” says Ann Quasarano, PR director for D’Adamo Personalised Nutrition. Critics of the diet argue there isn’t enough science to back up the recommendations.

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