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Back Pain: A Surprising Cause

Posted on: by Women's Health

Back pain? Sore shoulder? Can’t move like Jagger? Not okay. And what’s worse, it could all boil down to a body part far, far away from the ones causing you pain…  

Think it’s all above the belt? Think again… Back and shoulder pain can be caused by your feet. Those tootsies contain 25 percent of the bones in your body and are connected to a complex network of nerves, tendons and muscles. Biokineticist and running-technique coach Jannie van Wyk says that a major line of fascia – a type of connective tissue that covers muscles like plastic wrap around a pack of chops – starts at the sole of your feet and runs up the back of your legs, torso, neck and skull, attaching to your forehead.

No Mean Feet

Wearing the wrong shoes can also lead to impeded movement, lack of flexibility and pain in your knees, lower back, hips and legs. “Don’t try and squeeze into footwear that doesn’t quite fit – and make sure there’s enough room to splay your toes. Save those skyscraper heels for special occasions – they skew your posture, and shorten your arches and Achilles tendon,” says Van Wyk.

It’s also important to wear the right type of shoe for the type of exercise you do. Training shoes have different support structures to running shoes and it’s pretty common knowledge that running with the wrong shoes can lead to a host of injuries.

Heel Your World…

Phil Venter, Adidas South Africa manager of brand activation sports marketing, says that for workouts like SWEAT1000 or CrossFit, it’s important to have training shoes that support lateral movement as well as flexibility for explosive jumps. He recommends the Adidas 360.2 cross-training shoes.


When it comes to running shoes, Venter says: “Adidas boasts the most advanced and spoken about shoes in the industry. Besides the obvious performance-enhancing properties – multiple world best times on the road – Boost models like the Ultra Boost offer industry-leading technologies, which provide the perfect balance of cushioning, energy return and comfort to give you your best run yet.”


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  • Kim Sung

    The main cause of back problem is actually how you keep your physical body active. The best way is to do back exercise workout so it can strengthen your core, Dr.OZ recommended a free Ebook here http://bit.ly/1P7DCxR