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You’ve Got To See These Adorable Pictures From This ‘Baby Spa’

Posted on: by Women's Health
two babies floating at the Baby Spa

By Korin Miller, photographs courtesy of Instagram

The “treatments” claim to boast major benefits—but we asked an expert if they’re legit.

If you’ve ever spent quality time inside a spa, you know how epic the experience can be. Whether you get a massage, facial, or steam treatment, the whole thing makes you feel like everything is going to be okay, no matter what’s stressing you out. And apparently babies in Australia so get it—that’s why they’re hitting up a baby spa.

Yep, Baby Spa is a hot spot in Perth, and it offers a legit spa experience for babies. The spa services babes aged two days to six months (sorry seven month olds—you’re screwed), and bills itself as a “sanctuary for babies and their parents, offering unique hydrotherapy sessions, baby massage and support.”

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At the spa, babies can get a massage—because, of course—and hydrotherapy in which the wee ones float around in a warm pool for 10 to 30 minutes with a flotation device around their necks to keep them above water. Baby Spa has posted pics of their clients floating around and it’s so stinking cute. Evidence:

According to Baby Spa’s website, the hydrotherapy can do all sorts of valuable things, like increase the baby’s muscular and skeletal strength, help with their digestive system, increase lung capacity (the subtle water pressure on their chests makes their lungs work harder), and teach innate swimming reflexes. Appointments cost $85 AUD each (which translates to about R825).

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But before you book your ticket to Perth, keep this in mind: Dr Shahrouz Ganjian, a board-certified paediatrician at Providence Saint John’s Health Centre in Santa Monica, California, says doing a spa day with your baby can be beneficial because it’s “mommy and me” time, but other than that…yeah, no. “The only place where aquatic therapy is shown to be beneficial is in kids with developmental delays,” he says. “Research doesn’t show that it is or isn’t beneficial in normal kids so, as of now, I can’t recommend it.”

However, he points out, it’s a nice experience and you are building happy memories with your baby. So, if you happen to be in Perth and feel like snapping some seriously Instagrammable shots of your baby, Baby Spa is probably worth a go. But if you’re looking to give your kid a leg up over the paediatric competition, you’ll probably do just as well talking to them in the bath.

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