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How Yoga Helped This Woman Cope With Her Pregnancy

Posted on: by Boitumelo Moloto
A woman doing yoga during her pregnancy

By Lori Cohen

“I did a yoga class the day before I gave birth”

“I didn’t have any complications during my pregnancy, so I was able to continue with Adventure Boot Camp three times a week and yoga once a week. I stopped Boot Camp when I was six months pregnant because I was getting bigger and more tired during sessions,” says Adelline.

Adelline Malema, 33, mom to Luka, 15 months


I replaced Boot Camp time with a yoga home practice three times a week and went to a specialised pregnancy yoga class once a week. I’ve been doing yoga since I was 20. I love yoga, and I knew that it would get me into the best physical and mental shape for labour. In the first trimester I did everything. In the second and third trimester I continuously worked on making more space for my son and not over stretching. I did a lot cat and cow pose, the warrior series, squats, hip and heart openers, balance and restorative poses. I avoided deep twists, abdominal exercises, and back bends on my belly. I also didn’t do anything on my back.

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I exercise for health and vitality, whether I am pregnant or not. Keeping my weight down and strength during labour were wonderful pluses. My birth experience was perfect; everything that I worked and hoped for. After a yoga class, walking up and down stairs, and walking around our neighbourhood on a Friday, I woke up in labour at 1am on Saturday morning. My son was born four hours later in our home, and weighed 4.5 kilograms. We had a midwife led planned home birth free of interventions and injuries, two weeks after his due date.



A week or so after giving birth, I started rebuilding my core with twists, planks, side planks, yoga boats, and pelvic tilts for a few minutes once or twice a day. I got back to yoga after six weeks, and back to Boot Camp after six months. Because of abdominal separation during my pregnancy, I have been learning to contract my abdominal muscles when I do core exercises. It is not always easy. I recently stopped breastfeeding, and now that my body is my own again, I have signed up for the  40-day Adventure Boot Camp challenge to lose the last few remaining kilograms of baby weight.

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Preggies Guide

I think it is important to be fit during pregnancy, for labour, and afterwards to carry the baby and all it’s belongings around. During pregnancy, I felt energetic and happy. I slept well. I was mindful and present, and connected with my son often. During labour, I felt prepared. I knew that I had stamina and would cope really well. When I got back to yoga and Boot Camp, it was as if I had never stopped going, and getting back into shape was easy. I think healthy moms give birth to healthy babies — my son is active, strong and smart.

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