Get Lean & Toned – On The Go!

Posted on: December 18th, 2012 by Jen Ator

Holidays present a number of fitness obstacles. For starters, there never seems to be enough room in your suitcase for bulky running shoes and the five pairs of wedges you want to take. Plus, it’s way too beautiful outside to be holed up in a gym, and your itinerary is jam-packed (with all that poolside lounging). But now is not the time to slackoff. This high-intensity workout, created by CrossFit gurus Nathan Forster and Michael Alfaro, will keep you on track. This super popular fitness programme runs you through a series of functional exercises at an intense pace.

Translation: you build muscle and torch loads of kilojoules in under 20 minutes. The versatile workout requires no equipment and only a couple of metres’ space, so your makeshift gym can be a hotel room, a park, or even the beach.

Print it here!

Jump Squat

1Stand with your feet wider than hip-width apart, toes pointed slightly out. Keeping your chest upright and core tight, bend your knees and sit your hips back, extending your arms straight in front of you at shoulder height (A). Press through your heels to jump as high as you can off the ground, swinging your arms behind you (B). That’s one rep. Land softly and immediately lower into your next squat.



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