15-Minute Workout: Summer-Ready Arms

Posted on: November 7th, 2012 by Thamar Houliston

Get firmer, stronger, sexier arms and shoulders with this fast-acting workout combo plan…

The heat of summer is right around the corner, and that means breaking out the essentials: sun-dresses, tank tops and lots of skin. If your arms aren’t ready to see the light just yet, don’t stress. Personal trainer Hannah Davis has a plan that will get you toned and tight in plenty of time with this workout routine.

The trick: most women focus on single-joint exercises, like biceps curls, which work primarily one muscle, says Davis. “Doing complex moves recruits more muscle fibres and works your upper body to total fatigue.” That means you’ll burn more kilojoules and shed fat faster, so your arms, shoulders and upper back will be sleek in time for their big reveal.

Follow this workout two to four times a week: warm up with three sets of the inchworm, resting for no more than one minute between sets. Perform the remaining three exercises as a circuit: complete 15 reps of each move, rest two to three minutes, then repeat for a total of three sets.

– by Caitlin Carlson

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InchwormStand with your feet hip-width apart, bend over and touch the floor in front of your feet with both hands (A). Keeping your legs straight and core tight, walk your hands forward (B) as far as you can without letting your hips drop (C). Pause, then slowly walk your feet towards your hands. That’s one rep. Do 12.

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