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The Perfect Strength And Cardio Workout!

Posted on: by Women's Health

We could debate weights or strength versus cardio all day  or we could give you a workout that balances the two perfectly. Download it here!

Merc or Beemer? Heels or flats? And when it comes to getting the body you want: strength training or cardio? Back when you and your lift club were squashed in the back of Mom’s taxi, men went to the weights room and women hit the step class. But recently, taking a cue from athletes, many fitness gurus insist that strength training is where it’s at. Some even suggest ditching cardio altogether.

To resolve the strength versus cardio conundrum, we culled research and chatted up experts to find out how each would fare in a head-to-head match-up (don’t worry, nobody’s biting anyone’s ear off). Whether you want to get buff, torch kilojoules or run your fastest five-kay ever, we’ve decoded which discipline you should devote your sweat to – and created a workout that’s perfectly proportioned to give you all the benefits. Now, let’s get ready to rumble…

You can download the PDF version and print the workout below.

The Perfect Strength And Cardio Workout!

 View the Cardio vs Strength Balancing Workout Here! 


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