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How To Choose The Right Skipping Rope

Posted on: by Wanita Nicol
How To Choose The Right Skipping Rope

Not sure which skipping rope to buy? Follow these three steps to choose the right one for you

Next Fitness Star Mapule Ndhlovu regularly blows our minds with her skipping antics on Instagram, but at the recent adidas Creator Squad Day, she took it to the next level, showing off her mad skills IRL. Watch it here. Ultimate fitspo? Check. We couldn’t reach for our ropes fast enough — and as it turns out, neither could you. We’ve received loads of requests from readers asking us for tips on how to choose a skipping rope. So, here they are from the woman herself, Mapule.

1/ Check the length.

To measure, grab the rope by the handles and stand on the loop. Pulled tight, the rope should reach at least hip height, but Mapule works on armpit length. “Then you can position your arms in a way that will make it more comfortable for you to skip.” If it’s too long, you can simply use less rope, but if it’s too short, you’ll have a problem.

2/ Choose your weight.

The weight of the rope depends on your goals, says Mapule. A thin rope is better for speed and double unders — the CrossFit holy grail of skipping, where you swing the rope twice around in one jump. A medium thickness — like the black and the grey ropes pictured – works well for beginners, freestyle skipping tricks, while a thicker, heavier rope gives you more of a workout as you swing it, so it’s the go-to choice for boxers.

How To Choose The Right Skipping Rope

3/ Pick your material.

Plastic ropes are typically lighter and easier to swing, making it easier to skip faster. “You’ll have to use more energy and force on an actual rope for you to maintain the same speed,” says Mapule.

Looking for more on skipping? Here are five different ways to use skipping as a heart-pumping workout.

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