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Karlie Kloss Reveals Why We’re Being Fed A Lie About Hard Work

Posted on: by Women's Health
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All that hard work? It’s important, but it’s just not enough…

So, what’s the secret to truly achieving?

The true path to your goals involves unleashing your creativity. Just ask supermodel Karlie Kloss. And it’s not just Karlie. A string of top female athletes agree: fitness influencer Hannah Bronfman, fitness instructor and best-selling author Robin Arzon, Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) All-Star Candace Parker and US Women’s National Team soccer star Becky Sauerbrunn, among others. They’ve all come together in an epic new adidas campaign to break down outdated ideas and give women the tools and truths they need to gain a real edge and surpass the confines of conventional achievement.

Karlie Kloss tells it like it is…

“Like this campaign, creativity enables me to accomplish more and follow my passions. It is inspiring to work alongside this incredible group of women and help each other achieve our personal goals,” says Karlie.

“Unleash Your Creativity” builds on adidas’ belief that hard work only gets you so far. The campaign includes a multi-athlete TV spot and short film series that brings to life authentic stories of 15 female athletes around the globe who use creativity to defy conventions, reinvent routine, create their own path and inspire others to make a difference in sport.

And so do other top female athletes…

Karlie Kloss’ film highlights how she uses her imagination to make a difference in the world, while professional basketball player Candace Parker shows how she uses creativity to shape her style of play and elevate her game. Dancer and fitness influencer Ally Love inspires women to unleash their own creativity daily from her motivational spin classes to charging up an arena as host of the Brooklyn Nets. Ruqsana Begum is a British and European Kick-Boxing champion, who blazed a trail for Muslim women to access sport. Running coach Jessie Zapo found a way to open her sport to a new generation of runners. US Women’s National Team Captain Becky Sauerbrunn uses her creativity in soccer to challenge her opponents on the field and win championships.

Watch the inspirational campaign video here:

“Hard work is a given. We believe that athletes who tap into their creativity have a powerful edge,” said Lia Stierwalt, Senior Director of Global Brand Communications at adidas. “This new film series continues the ‘Here to Create’ conversation that we began in 2016, reinforcing the brand’s point of view that engaging an athlete’s imagination to unleash their creativity will take them further than their mind or body ever could.”

Karlie just keeps breaking boundaries — and we love her for it! Then there’s that body… Want to know how she stays so ripped? Steal Karlie Kloss’ hot body secrets!

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