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The Biggest Benefit Of Boxing Training?

Posted on: by Women's Health

Joy Niemack from Women’s Health joined a boxing class for weight loss but was surprised to find that she actually gained mental toughness in the process. Here’s how…

I’ve always wanted to try boxing. I’m not sure if it had anything to do with Million Dollar Baby or all those attractive female boxers with abs of steel, but I wanted to try weaving and jabbing myself. My only concern was that when it actually came down to it  would I be able to punch someone and take a hit without immediately surrendering?

Luckily at the Ladies That Punch class at The Armoury Boxing Club, I got to learn how to jab, weave and serve uppercuts and hooks, but didn’t have to worry about blue eyes and angry training buddies.

Despite the instructors and trainers being professional boxers who’ve punched sandbags until their hands have bled, they’re still encouraging and patient. The classes are small so it enables the trainers, Sanchia du Preez and Richard Makore, to take time to show you the right moves and form.

There are two classes per week are split into physical training with the focus on getting fit and boxing training, which teaches you the correct boxing techniques.

The training, which includes plenty of skipping and burpees not only helped me lose weight and tone up, it developed mental toughness too.


Here are some of other things I learnt during the Ladies That Punch Class…

Endorphins Are Amazing

The best way to forget about a long, hard, frustrating day is to punch it out! Yes, there are times when I didn’t feel like going because I was tired, but once I was there I always felt so much better. And after every class I felt completely alive, despite being sore and sweaty. I usually get bored with new activities very quickly, but I didn’t want to miss a class and fall behind. The atmosphere at the gym is always electric and the preparations for the various fight nights make you want to get involved and make you glad that you came back.

What Empowerment Feels Like

After three months of training I not only feel fitter and physically stronger but mentally stronger. I know my limits but I also now I know how to push them. When I thought I couldn’t do another burpee and then I managed to push myself and do a couple more it was a huge breakthrough. When my teammates encouraged me to hold a plank for at least a minute more and I did, it all left me feeling confident with my abilities and empowered inside and outside the gym.

So no, I didn’t come away with any bruises, just a more toned body and some mental toughness. Who knows though, you may even catch me in the ring soon!


Sign Up For The Next Three-Month Class

When: 7th April 2015 – 25h June 2015
Contact: info@armouryboxing.com or visit www.armouryboxing.com

Read about digital editor, Thamar Houliston’s first visit to The Armoury Boxing Club here.

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    Wonderful article – let’s catch you in the ring then! Armoury white collar Fight Night 31st July?