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WH Tries The Mannequin Challenge

Posted on: by Wanita Nicol
WH Tries The Mannequin Challenge

Strike a pose!

In a moment of office spontaneity the WH team decided to jump on the latest social media trend by trying the Mannequin Challenge. And guess what? You can turn it into a workout!

Strike A Pose

Like all good social media trends, the #MannequinChallenge started by accident with a high school kid in the US filming himself and his classmates striking different poses like mannequins. The video ended up on social media, it got shared and next thing everyone from sports stars to musicians were taking the challenge. Among them, music duo Rae Sremmurd, whose song Black Beatles has since become the unofficial theme song for the Mannequin Challenge – and shot to number one in the process. Hey, it’s got a catchy beat. And seeing the band freeze on stage mid-concert was pretty epic.

WH Tries It

In the spirit of good, old-fashioned curiosity, the WH Team decided to have a go at making our own #MannequinChallenge video. (Who, us? Of Cha Cha Slide Plank and Chair Traverse fame? Surely not!) and got our colleagues at Men’s Health, Runner’s World and Bicycling in on the action. Watch the video:

Make It Exercise

There’s so much more you can do with the #MannequinChallenge than just striking random poses! Isometric exercises involve holding a muscle in a position that causes it to tense up for a period of time. Because you’re not bouncing in and out of the movement (not a good idea in general, FYI) you’re removing any kind of help that momentum might give you, so you’re forcing your muscles to work harder. Case in point: That burn you feel about 30 seconds into a plank.

In impressive feats of endurance, WH cover star Kayla Itsines posted this brilliant #MannequinChallenge video at a BBG event in New York, Pole Dance Cape Town, where deputy ed Wanita Nicol did her #WHGetsFit staff challenge this year, got their advanced students to do a #MannequinChallenge on poles and False Bay Surf Lifesaving Club, where editorial assistant Michelle October is training, had their lifeguards freezing mid pull-up.

Workout Wednesday Challenge

You’ll need two friends and a timer. Your moves: Lunge, squat, push-up. At the start, you lower into the bottom of a push-up position and your friends each lower into the bottom of a lunge and squat respectively. Hold for 10 seconds, then swap to the left. Hold for another 10 seconds, then swap again. Repeat, this time lunging on your opposite leg.

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