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Here’s How You Can Join The #WHGetsFit Challenge This Winter

Posted on: by Wanita Nicol
Stay fit this winter with the #WHGetsFit Challenge

Photograph by Igor Polzenhagen

Wondering what all the #WHGetsFit hype is about? Here’s how the winter fitness challenge works, plus how you can join in the fun

What Is #WHGetsFit?

#WHGetsFit is an annual 12-week winter fitness challenge designed to keep us here at Women’s Health HQ and all of you in the WH community fit and healthy through winter. There are no prizes or winners. It’s not about topping a leaderboard, it’s about motivating each other to get up and exercise even when it’s dark, frosty or raining. It’s about knowing that, as you drag yourself out of bed to go work out, your fit squad are doing exactly the same. It’s about getting to the end of winter without losing your fitness or gaining winter chub. For once. And it’s about not scrambling to get in shape for summer because, underneath that jersey and blanket scarf, you’re already fit, strong and sexy.  Want in on that action? Of course you do! Just follow these four simple steps to join…

1/ Choose your goal.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up, get fit or be more flexible, set yourself a goal that you can measure. Want to get fit? Enter a race that’s happening in September or October. Want to get strong? Aim to do a pull-up, lift a 20kg barbell or bang out 20 no-knees push-ups. You get the picture.

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2/ Choose your exercise.

The key is to do something new. Challenging yourself to master a new fitness discipline will inspire you to keep training because you want to get better. This year we’ve teamed up with Virgin Active so you don’t need to sign up to an expensive private class or studio, you can join in the challenge just by hitting up your local gym. Choose one of these exercises: Swimming, triathlon training, spinning/cycling, strength training, high-intensity interval training, Pound, bodyweight training a.k.a. callisthenics) or aerial yoga. Click here to see which exercise best fits your goal.

3/ Join your team.

Post a “before” pic of yourself on Twitter or Instagram. Tag Women’s Health (@womenshealthsa on Twitter; @womenshealthmagsa on Insta) and include the hashtag #WHGetsFit and the hashtag of the team you’re joining.

4/ Start training.

All you have to do is clock a minimum of two sessions per week. Post a pic or tweet and use the hashtags. What’s more, by using the hashtag #WHGetsFit you could have your pic featured in the mag!

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