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Dominique Mann Shows Us How To Train Like A Gymnast

Posted on: by Michelle October

Photographs of Dominique Mann taken by Casey Crafford.

South African Aerobic Gymnast Dominique Mann is in incredible shape – just check out her Instagram if you don’t believe us. But it’s taken her hours of hard work  to get there. Luckily, she’s shared her workout with us – and the good news is you can do them too! Try out these easy moves Dominique uses as part of her weight training regimen. Find out more about her in the June issue of the magazine! 

Part One: Arms

If you can’t do a pull-up, work your way there by hanging on the bar and engaging your arms as though you were trying to pull yourself up. Do 10 seconds of engaging followed by 10 seconds of hanging on the bar. Repeat three times.

train like a gymnast


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Part Two: Legs

train like a gymnast

Part Three: Core 

Finish up with core work: 30-second planks, jack-knives and pikes.

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