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5 Tips For Anyone Training Towards An Event Or Goal

Posted on: by Women's Health

A Mi Whey ambassador helps you get your 2016 body on track. Here are here 5 tips for anyone training towards an event or goal…

Across the globe there has been a serious focus on getting fit and embracing a healthy lifestyle. With being healthy seen as a massive trend, Roxy Barker, a Mi Whey protein ice-cream brand ambassador, shares her tips on how to work towards getting in shape…

Training towards an event or goal? Use these tips for success:

1. Write down your goals – this is the first step to getting into a routine.

2. Set realistic weekly goals and stick to them! Approach you activities as weekly, manageable workouts to avoid giving up.

3. Look for things that help motivate you to achieve those goals, whether it be the people you surround yourself with, following your favourite fitness idol, or even looking back at how far you’ve come and where you want to be. This in itself will motivate you.

4. Don’t let things distract you from achieving your goals.

5. Not everyone will understand and support your goals, so you need to be doing it for you! Don’t let anyone discourage you.

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