Your Best Abs Ever

Posted on: January 5th, 2012 by Thamar Houliston
Abs workout

Train your core and get your best abs with these six moves three non-consecutive days a week. Either do them all together as a stand-alone workout or add three or four of them to the end of your usual strength-training routine. For each move, start with one set. Once you can complete all the reps with perfect form, add another.

Hanging Straight-Leg Raise


Targets Lower Abs

Hang in a straight line from a pull-up bar, your hands shoulder-width apart and hips under your body (A). With a straight back and legs, breathe out and slowly raise your legs until they’re parallel to the floor (B). Slowly lower your legs. That’s one rep. Do four to six. Too easy? Try to raise your feet above 90 degrees (C).

Perfect Form

As you raise your legs, don’t swing them or let momentum do the work. Concentrate on keeping your butt down, as if you’re sitting on a chair.

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