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30 Days Of Yoga: Day One

Posted on: by Women's Health

Have you survived the mid-year slump? Joining the 30 Day Yoga Challenge and unwind.

Newlands is the perfect setting for the YogaWay studio. Tucked away in the heart of Newlands Village, a beautiful and peaceful area of Cape Town, is a sleek little studio. Melissa, a vivacious and charming instructor, has developed a 32-minute Seva Yoga session especially for the Challenge. You commit to practise yoga for 30 consecutive days this month, and raise funds for a non-profit organisation called Home from Home as a result of your participation. Funds raised will go towards looking after orphaned and vulnerable children in a new home in Westlake for an entire year. Doesn’t it make you feel good just reading that? As you know, I’ve only done a teeny bit of yoga and am not really flexible… You’d think the first session would be a killer, right? Here’s the good news: it wasn’t. I survived! And you could do it too… This type of yoga is slightly more fast-paced than a newbie would assume – after all, 32 minutes isn’t much time to take out of your day. During that time, all you do is stay focussed on your breathing, forget about your worries and simply feel your body move. Oh, yes. The 30 Day Yoga Challenge couldn’t have come at a better time. Have you survived the mid-year slump? Well, maybe you should consider joining the Challenge. Not only will you unwind every day, you could also help an orphaned child find a home. Sign up here!

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