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Skin Protection Made Easy

Posted on: by Women's Health

If you’ve tried every reason under the sun to get out of wearing sunscreen, your risk-taking time is up: a new generation of protectors makes it easier than ever to battle harmful rays.

This past year, Jennifer Aniston’s life took some positive turns. One you may have missed: the former sun worshipper now reportedly uses SPF 60 during her frequent jaunts to Mexico, choosing to get her famous golden glow from spray tans instead. Unfortunately, too few women are being vigilant about spreading on sunscreen.

Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in South Africa with about 20 000 cases and 700 deaths reported annually, says the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA). The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that between two- and three-million non-melanoma skin cancers and approximately 132 000 malignant melanomas occur globally every year.

Let’s guess why: “It’s too greasy.” Or maybe: “It stings.” Or perhaps: “It gives me breakouts”? Sorry, but we’ve heard it all before – and we’re here to tell you that new textures, advanced ingredients and genius technology solve the faults of old-school sunscreens. Allow us to introduce your new sun-blocking BFFs.

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