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Your Quick Breast Check Guide

Posted on: by Women's Health

Love your breasts. Give them a good once-over to make sure they’re healthy. Here’s how…

If you’ve never done a breast self-exam before or feel like you need a refresher course, don’t fear the worst – follow these easy steps below.

Remember: It is best to self test yourself at same time of the month every month – comparing month alike. The best time to do a self-examination is about a week after your period starts.

Quick Stats

– One in eight women worldwide will suffer from this life-threatening disease.
– 50 percent of female breast cancer is detected by their partners.
– Less than 1% of all new breast cancer cases occur in men.
– One in 29 women diagnosed each year with this disease.
– If detected early breast cancer is 98% curable.

Step One

Place a pillow under the shoulder of the breast you’re examining. Keep the arm on that side raised. The exam is done while lying down. This is because when lying down the breast tissue spreads evenly over the chest wall and is as thin as possible, making it much easier to feel all the breast tissue.

Step Two

Mentally divide the breast area into strips or circles. The area should include your collar bone to your bra line and your breast bone to your underarm. Feel with the sensitive pads of your three middle fingers held flat.

Step Three

Use small circular motions to cover each area of the strip or circle. Go over each area three times using varying degrees of pressure.

Step Four

Use light pressure and feel for changes below the skin. Use deeper pressure to feel for changes in breast tissue.

Step Five And Six

While standing in front of a mirror, with your hands pressing firmly down on your hips, look at your breasts for any changes of size, shape, contour, or dimpling, or redness of the nipple or breast skin.

Gently squeeze the nipples and check for a discharge (may be clear or blood stained). If one occurs or you feel lump. Don’t panic call a doctor.

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