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2 Easy Ways To Beat The Holiday Bulge and Stay Fit In Summer

Posted on: by Michelle October
2 Easy Ways To Beat The Holiday Bulge and Stay Fit In Summer

by Michelle October

Dreading the holiday getaway because it means you’ll be away from your beloved gym? (Asked no-one, ever.) Yes, holidays mean endless sunny days spent lazing around a beach and no time for a workout, right? Wrong! We hack two of the most common holiday scenarios so you stay fit in summer.

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Your Problem:

You’re spending the day in a shopping centre

Do this: walk 10 000 steps
It’s been dubbed a magical formula: walk 10 000 steps everyday (about 8km) and stay fit. But there’s proof in the pudding, as shown by the Global Corporate Challenge – a worldwide initiative challenging companies to walk 10 000 steps every day for 100 days. A massive 68 percent of participants reported weight loss  with an average of 3.4kg loss per person, and 47% of employees with high-risk blood pressure saw a reduction in their numbers.

Are you an escalator queen? Another study did an experiment to see if people would take the stairs instead of the escalator if it were more fun. The results: hell yes! Check out the video below to see how it works. If your mall doesn’t have musical stairs (Boo!) skip the escalator too by making the stairs fun: race someone to the top!

Your Problem:

You mean to work to work out, but brunch becomes cocktails…

Do this: Get in a quick workout before you start the day
The boost in your metabolism means those boozy brunches won’t stick around your tum as long. Plus morning workouts are strongly linked to better moods throughout the day. A recent study found that those who exercised in the morning also didn’t consume extra kilojoules throughout the day.

Check out our workouts section for a hefty dose of endorphins every morning this holiday – and beat the summer spread!

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