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How To Be Smartphone Savvy

Posted on: by Women's Health

Five ways to be smarter about your smartphone…

What do I do if I drop my phone in the loo?
Fish it out and switch it off. Then remove the battery and SIM card. Dab lightly with a towel, place in a bowl of dry rice and leave it for two to three days. Don’t switch it on before the time is up and don’t blast with a hairdryer – it’ll force moisture deeper into the phone.

What can I do to make my battery last longer?
The phone’s screen, 3G, Bluetooth and apps are the hungriest culprits of battery use. Turn the brightness setting on your phone down or set to Auto-Brightness; set the timeout period to 30 seconds; switch off Bluetooth or 3G when you don’t need them and use the back button rather than home to kill apps (it’ll stop them running in the background).

How can I take better pics with my phone?
Avoid blurry pics in low light conditions by leaning against something to steady yourself and asking your subjects to keep still. In direct sunlight, turn on the camera’s flash to fill in dark shadows on faces.

How can I cut my data expenditure?
Switch your email download intervals from “push” to “every 30 minutes or longer”. If you have an Android phone, limit the number of live widgets, or at least change the refresh intervals. Avoid clicking links to YouTube clips – sometimes a sequence can be 50MB or more! Apps like DataMonitor will tell you how many MB you’ve used.

Is it true my phone can be hacked?
Yup, but you can protect yourself. Don’t keep the same log-in details on your Facebook, Twitter and email accounts – if one is compromised, the hackers will try the others too. Act suspicious – don’t click links from people you don’t know or people who rarely send you messages. Type in your bank’s
Web address manually – never click a link to it. Then buy Kaspersky ONE (R800 for five devices, www.kaspersky.co.za), a computer antivirus package that protects your tablet and phone too.

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