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Our Top 8 Holiday Destinations!

Posted on: by Michelle October
Holiday Destinations

It’s the end of the year and here at the Women’s Health HQ we’ve got an acute case of wanderlust: balmy beaches, dusty desert escapes, and white snowy peaks with little cottages that look like gingerbread houses… Here are our top holiday destinations, and what we recommend you pack and do when you get there! 


Michelle Von Schlicht, Senior Designer

Go for: The warm water, romantic beaches, lovely people and great seafood.
Must pack: Insect repellent and a sun hat.
Must do: Take a day-trip on a dhow to one of the tiny neighbouring islands and do some snorkelling.

zanzibar holiday destination


Leigh Cann, Senior Designer

Go for: The Jamón ibérico (a local cured meat), Sangria, sun and gorgeous men!
Must pack: Go in summer so you have to pack very little. You’ll need packing space for all the espadrilles you’ll buy.
Must do: The culture and food differs from region to region so it’s never boring! “There’s so much to see, from the Rio Tinto in an old mine and Malaga at the seaside, to the magnificent old cities of Seville or Barcelona.”

Spain holiday destination

The Drakensberg Mountains

Susan Barrett, Managing Editor

Go for: Cosying up to nature and reconnecting with your true self.
Must pack: Decent hiking boots, a backpack for water and other essentials and a windbreaker.
Must do: The hike to the Tugela Falls (the second highest waterfall in the world!)

Drakensberg holiday destination


Thamar Houliston, Digital Editor

Go for: The snow and magic of the Swiss Alps of course!
Must pack: A down jacket, gloves, thick socks and waterproof boots.
Must do: “The highlight of my trip was a trip on the Berina Express train from Switzerland to Italy through the Alps. Go around Christmas time and experience the snowy magic!”

Switzerland holiday destination

The Karoo

Marilize Uys, Beauty and Fashion Assistant

Go for: A complete escape and much-needed downtime in the middle of nowhere.
Must pack: A sarong and plakkies. Leave your charger because you don’t need your phone. There’s no reception anyway.
Must do: Visit the Gatsrivier in the Karoo and spend your days swimming in the dam, drinking wine and telling stories.



Wanita Nicol, Assistant Editor

Go for: An affordable holiday with sun-kissed days exploring nature’s magic and balmy nights sipping coconut drinks.
Must pack: A waterproof camera and a big bag for all the shopping you’ll be doing.
Must do: Eat off the street  local style, for the best flavours and explore the little islands! And visit this incredible forest in Phi Phi Island (picture below).

Thailand holiday destination


Wanita Nicol, Assistant Editor

Go for: The ancient buildings and local culinary delights.
Must pack: Comfiest walking shoes you can find  it’s a very big city.
Must do: “Stroll along streets built during the Roman Empire, past buildings that have stood while civilisations rose and fell. The history will blow your mind! Buy spices, teas and Turkish delight – it tastes very different at the source.”



Michelle October, Editorial Assistant

Go for: Experiencing the brilliant sunsets Namibia has to offer.
Must pack: Water and a sun hat.
Must do: Visit Spitskoppe, a vast expanse of huge rocks and flat landscapes as far as the eye can see. Also make sure you check out Joe’s Beerhouse, a local haunt sporting fresh game dishes and an abundance of beer!

Namibia holiday destination

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