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We Test The Ford Fiesta EcoBoost GTDi

Posted on: by Women's Health
ford fiesta

The party-loving Ford Fiesta just got upgraded to the A-list.

Latest buzz on the hatchback scene? Sources close to the Ford Fiesta have confirmed the little party animal has had some work done – and we think its sexy new body has catapulted it firmly out of B-list territory.

It’s been spotted in eye-catching shades like copper pulse, mustard olive and hot magenta with a more dynamic profile, featuring laser-cut headlamps with daytime running lamps. And the interior’s packing some attitude with luxury high-gloss finishes and ice-blue display lighting.

Rolling with the cool crowd, the Fiesta is so beyond keys and buttons and now features push-start tech, plus a sync system that allows you to play music and receive hands-free calls with voice control.

You’ll also be pleased to know the Fiesta has a one-litre engine that boasts impressive efficiency at 4.3litres/100km – yet you’d think you were driving a much more powerful car. Why? Ford’s new EcoBoost engine (which won the equivalent of the Grammys for engines: 2012 International Engine of the Year) delivers enough muscle to match a 1.6-litre!

Best for: Singles – this one will put you in the spotlight!

Bonus features: It now boasts auto-start-stop tech, which automatically shuts down the engine when the car is idling and restarts it when you want to move on.

Drawbacks: The sync system isn’t flawless – it takes a few tries to get the voice control down pat.

Roadtrip-o-meter: 9/10. It’s powerful, fuel-efficient, tech-savvy and drool-worthy!

Price: Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost Trend from R211 200 (priced in 2013).

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