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Range Rover Evoque Dynamic

Posted on: by Women's Health
range rover evoque

The best two-in-one value you’ll find: posh, but practical, on- and off-road!

I must guiltily admit that what I love most about the new Range Rover Evoque, besides its muscular and oh-so handsome bod, is its keyless system. Being able to unlock the car just by standing next to it means no fumbling in your handbag for the keys. Amen to that!

Compared to similar vehicles like the BMW X3, Audi Q5 and Volkswagen Tiguan, the Evoque is pricey at close to R700 000, but it comes with everything you could ask for. (Okay, besides an extra cup holder on the passenger side…)

At first I was nervous about parking such a hunk of a car, but the park assist camera is brilliant, making manoeuvring a breeze in any situation. You can also connect your phone via Bluetooth and blast Katy Perry’s Roar while overtaking like a champion. And if your partner’s not into ol’ Katy, they can pop in a DVD while you enjoy the drive. The car even remembers the driver’s seat settings when you get back into the vehicle – nice!

In a nutshell, it’s heaven on four wheels. And if I had R700 000, this is what I’d spend it on. If…

Best for: Couples and families.
Bonus features: The full-on panoramic sunroof.
Drawbacks: The hefty price tag.
Rating: 10/10. You really get what you pay for when you buy this car – it’s stylish, luxurious, spacious and a great workhorse on- and off-road. Everything works the way it was designed to.
Price: The Evoque Automatic S14 starts from R676 000.

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