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The Benefits Of Going Coconut Crazy

Posted on: by Women's Health

There’s been an explosion in coconut-based edibles, including products made from its oil, flesh, milk and sap. Research into the fruit’s specific health benefits – such as weight loss and improved HDL, or “good” cholesterol, levels – is ongoing, but the perks below (including added fibre and less sugar than many other fruits) speak for themselves. Here are some simple swaps you can make to add a few of these products to your diet – and how they compare to common pantry staples.

Coconut blossom sugar
Glycaemic index 35, R99.99, Wellness Warehouse


White sugar
Glycaemic index 65

Coconut flour
72g carbs, 3g fibre, 28g protein per cup, R53, Dis-Chem


White flour
95g carbs, 3g fibre, 13g protein per cup

Coconut water
42kJ, 2.2g carbs per 100ml, www.cocozone.com


Flavoured water
90kJ, 4.9g carbs per 100ml

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