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Posted on: March 16th, 2011 by Lori Cohen

Here’s how to decode what his profile really reveals about him and see whether he really is Mr Right…

  1. The Camel Man
  2. The Cool Character
  3. The Overkiller
  4. The Deep Thinker
  5. The Joker
  6. The Romantic

The Camel Man

His Profile: Alongside a picture of him in a canoe looking tanned, muscled and unshaven, there’s a request for a "laid-back, outdoorsy woman". What It Means: He has a specific lifestyle – and possibly a specific point to prove – and he'll be thrilled if you prefer grass to mattresses and leaves to toilet paper. If you're not feeling the adventure, you don't stand a chance. Pros: Awesome holidays could feature in your future (if roughing it is your bag), as well as your very own MacGyver-style fixing/heavy-lifting/towing service. Cons: Dirt and the barely-disguised disappointment you'll have to deal with if he ever spots you trying to make a fire and failing. How To Win Him Over: Inform him you'll be out of cell reception while on the Orange River, but he's welcome to call you in a couple of weeks.

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