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4 Protein-Packed Lamb Power Bowls That’ll Seriously Boost Your Workout

Posted on: by Women's Health
lamb power bowls full of protien

This post is sponsored by Lamb and Mutton SA

By Marina Bester for Lamb and Mutton SA; photographs by Lizanne Coetzee

Portion control, protein and a potent workout: the killer combo to keep the modern woman afloat in today’s busy lifestyle! Sounds easier said than done, right? With South African lamb and mutton meat, you can’t go wrong when it comes to clean and lean eating. With no added hormones and antibiotics (yes, South African sheep follow a strict grass-and-shrubs diet), you won’t get more natural, good quality animal protein than South African lamb and mutton meat.

Being a nutrient dense meat, a little goes a long way to contributing plenty of bioavailable iron, zinc and B-vitamins to your diet! Yes, yes we also heard the rumours about how fattening lamb and mutton meat can be. But new South African research under the guidance of Prof Schönfeldt and Dr Van Heerden at the University of Pretoria proved otherwise. In fact, a trimmed piece of lamb meat (cut off that outer fat on your lamb chop), qualifies as “heart healthy” (less than 10% fat content)! And although we all know by now that unprocessed fat, such as the fat found in lamb and mutton meat is no longer public enemy number one, it is good to know that an old favourite such as lamb and mutton meat fits into a balanced, moderate and clean diet! But don’t go mess it all up with what you serve with your lamb and mutton meat — try these easy and fresh, protein packed lamb, veg and healthy starches combo bowls brought to you by Lamb and Mutton SA.

Green bomb and millet bowl

lamb power bowl with millet

Recipe: Pulled lamb neck, mint, lemon zest and fresh green veg served on wholesome millet… You feel healthy just by reading this, right?

Spicy rooibos bowl

rooibos lamb power bowl

Recipe: Lamb neck roasted slowly in rooibos tea, chilli and cinnamon, the ultimate winter comfort.

Deconstructed bunny chow bowl

bunny-chow lamb power bowl

Recipe: The healthy twist on this South African favourite with baked orange sweet potato chips, whole-wheat croutons, green beans and lean lamb knuckles cooked in chakalaka.

Greek lamb bowl

greek lamb power bowl

Recipe: Crunchy salad, with smoky paprika brinjals, lean lamb steaks and cumin chickpeas — the ultimate healthy Greek bowl!

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