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Skinny Apple-Ginger Cosmo

Posted on: by Women's Health
Apple cosmo

This refreshing alternative to the appletini is not only delish, it’s packed with health benefits too. According to research published in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, cloudy apple juice contails four times more disease-busting polyphenol antioxidants than clear juice – it seems the additives that remove the juice’s cloudiness also sap it of the good stuff. Limes are loaded with vitamin C and mint has been shown to help soothe upset tummies and sore throats.

You’ll Need

50ml low-kilojoule white wine (try Fleur du Cap Natural Light 2012)
50ml cloudy apple juice
50ml Brutal Fruit Apple-Ginger
3 mint leaves
Fresh lime


1. Make sure all your ingredients are cold!
2. Pour white wine, apple juice and Brutal Fruit into the martini glass
3. Stir with two mint leaves
4. Squeeze a quarter of a lime into the mix
5. Garnish with a mint leaf and serve

Mixologist’s note:
When choosing a low/no alcohol wine, check how much sugar is in the wine – often this can add as many kilojoules as the lack of alcohol takes away.

*Thanks to Brutal Fruit for the recipe

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