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Make One-Ingredient Ice Cream

Posted on: by Women's Health
ice cream

WH’s Amy Rankin makes guilt-free ice cream!

Is it possible to have such a thing as guilt-free ice cream? That soft, creamy, cold mouthful, so refreshing on a hot summer’s day… You can – as long as you like bananas!

What You Need

3-4 bananas


Chop three to four semi-soft ripe bananas into coins or small chunks. Place them in a freezer bag and freeze for at least four hours, or ideally overnight. Place the frozen banana pieces in a blender that can handle ice or a food processor and start blitzing. The texture won’t appear right immediately – first crumbly and then gooey – but after a few more pulses you’ll have soft-serve sublime! Transfer to a container and freeze for another hour before serving (if you can resist!). Mix things up by adding some peanut butter, honey, chopped almonds or cinnamon.



About Amy
I am mad about food. I cook and bake a lot, but when I don’t feel like slaving at the stove I make my second favourite thing for dinner – a reservation! Eating good food and drinking fabulous wine is what life should be about. My only problem is that my body doesn’t handle dairy and wheat too well, so I’m constantly on the search for gluten-free, dairy-free recipes and restaurants offering Amy-friendly food. Then again, a little cheating is allowed, sometimes…
Amy Rankin, Senior Copy Editor, Women’s Health

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