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Posted on: January 17th, 2013 by Thamar Houliston
Sex facts

After Sex and the City reruns, sleazy (oops, we mean steamy) books about a certain Mr Grey and the TLC channel’s show aptly named Strange Attractions, is there anything left to discover about the world’s favourite after-dark activity? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Unfortunately, we spend a lot of time learning about all the terrible, risky things that can happen as part of sex, says Dr Debbie Herbenick, author of Sex Made Easy, but very few of the great things that can come from sex. “The way we talk to each other about sex is broken and it’s time we fix it,” she adds.

What’s clear is that women, while they are undoubtedly having lots of sex, still understand relatively little about what’s really happening when things get hot and heavy. No, we don’t mean where the body parts go. We mean more vexing matters. Like why do some things turn us on and some things turn us off? Why do our bodies work the way they do? And, of course, why do men have nipples? Fortunately, there are people who know about these things – and we talked to a bunch of them. Don’t consider your sexual education complete until you know…

  1. Why We Cry Or Laugh After Sex
  2. Why Boots Make Us Feel Like Bad Girls
  3. Why The Clitoris Is Like An Iceberg
  4. Why We’re Not The Only Ones With Nipples
  5. Why He Wakes Up With A Woody

Why We Cry Or Laugh After Sex

Perhaps it's your partner's insistence on humming Celine Dion songs during intercourse, but more likely it's a physiological reaction. "An orgasm instigates the release of powerful hormones, such as dopamine, epinephrine and oxytocin, all of which rile the emotions," says Pepper Schwartz, author of Everything You Know About Love And Sex Is Wrong. The good news: you should consider giggles (or tears) a reassuring sign about the status of your relationship. If getting physical with someone can move you that much, it’s probably because you have a profound relationship.

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