10 Hot Sex Tips

Posted on: July 2nd, 2013 by Thamar Houliston

Small changes can make a big difference in the bedroom. We’ve come up with a list of lusty moves that promise a big pleasure payoff. Try these 10 hot sex tips now!

  1. Get Out Of The Bedroom
  2. Wear Stilettos
  3. Have Him Spank You
  4. Edit Your Underwear Drawer
  5. Sync Up Your Breath
  6. Use Your Balance Ball
  7. Lock Eyes
  8. Use Your Finger Vibe On Him
  9. Unclench
  10. Be A Sole Mate

Get Out Of The Bedroom

11004-istock_000003646044xsmall-4856.jpgMost couples have sex in the same place every time,” says sex therapist Sandor Gardos, Ph.D., founder of Mypleasure.com, an online adult toy store. "Any change in venue – like the hallway or the bathroom – increases the excitement."

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