The Go-For-Gold Sex Olympics

Posted on: November 30th, 2012 by Emma Anderson
Sex Olympics

Team SA may have packed away their medals, but now it’s time to earn yours with these athletics-inspired love moves. Try these expert tweaks to classic Olympic events for gold-standard sex.

  1. Event: Butterfly
  2. Event: Marathon
  3. Event: Greco-Roman Wrestling
  4. Event: Pole Vault
  5. Event: Synchronised Diving

Event: Butterfly

Sex butterflySex can be a lot like swimming. You've got your go-to strokes like breaststroke and freestyle – and backstroke if you're feeling lazy. But butterfly? Too hard! Yet just as butterfly will challenge new muscles, changing up your sex routine delivers new sensations. "Say, 'Hey, let's do it on the kitchen table instead of the bed,'" says Hellyer. Or in the bath. New positions don’t have to involve contortionism or thighs of steel. Your Version: "To turn freestyle into butterfly – if freestyle is missionary – shove pillows under your back so your bum's up higher and your partner can hold you by the buttocks," says Hellyer. "This lets him get into the sensitive front part of your vagina. If you’re flexible, put your head over the end of the bed with your shoulders on the floor, like a shoulderstand."

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