Wetter Is Better

Posted on: January 23rd, 2012 by Joy Niemack

A bottle of lube can turn a regular romp into a wet-and-wild experience.

Once stashed in bedside table drawers, only to be brought out during those drier-than-Chardonnay sex sessions, lube is emerging from the shadows.

“Many women struggle to get wet, particularly if there is not enough foreplay. Couples can use it to take away this pressure or to enhance the sex they’re already having,” says Dr Elna Rudolph of the Intercare Centre for Sexual Health.

Not only does lube let both partners move more easily but it also helps conduct sensations, which increases the odds of climax.

Follow these tips to reach new heights of pleasure:

  1. Get A Grip
  2. Body Heat
  3. Aquatic Action
  4. Make Blowjobs Sweeter
  5. Smooth Conception
  6. Allergy Alert
  7. Buyer Beware

Get A Grip

17566-wbetter-7377.jpgLube allows for easier thrusting, which helps build momentum. Also, the extra slipperiness makes you feel more excited because it mimics the moisture caused by arousal. There’s just one problem: all that moisture can cause slippage. Get into missionary and throw one leg – or both – over his shoulder. This angle will tilt and tighten your vaginal canal, allowing you to maintain a good grip.

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