Sex In Your 40s

Posted on: July 16th, 2012 by Kele Scheppers

Did you know that you’re most likely to have unsafe sex during your Frisky Forties?

You’ve heard that your libido declines as you get older, but that may not be the case.

In fact, unsafe sex is common during the forties.

According to Tracy Cox, author of Sextacy, STIs have doubled in under a decade in people over 45 and are rising faster than teens.

Monique Schultz*, 47, admits to having rediscovered her mojo post-divorce.

“When I was married, it felt like more of a duty. Now it’s so much fun!” she says. Which makes sense: in a survey of 2 000 women, 77 percent said that their sex life was at its best in their forties; 82 percent even said that sex was more important to them than ever. Why?

A study in Personality and Individual Differences found that women with ebbing fertility feel a jolt in their sexuality. “It’s an unconscious attempt to capitalise on remaining fertility before menopause begins,” says study author Judith Easton.

The problem occurs, however, when you’re too tired, too busy, stuck in a rut – the excuses are endless.

  1. Make Sex A Priority
  2. Take Notes
  3. Love Your Body Again

Make Sex A Priority

20339-40s-sex-1-8507.jpgMonique found married sex boring and predictable. And so do many women her age: "You turn off the lights and pretend to be sleeping; meanwhile, he doesn't know how to start asking for sex," she says. But it doesn't need to be this way. "Having sex often becomes a habit; a chore just before bedtime," says WH sex advisor, Dr. Elna Rudolph. You need to switch things around: plan sex for just after the kids go to bed. Or, if you have an evening to yourselves, start with sex, then go out for a meal. "I get my patients to tell their partner they'll have sex with them every day, but at 8pm, not 11pm, when they're half asleep," she says. This article originally appeared in the June 2012 issue of Women’s Health. Click here to subscribe!

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