His Little White Lies

Posted on: November 30th, 2011 by Joy Niemack

Ever caught your guy telling a little white lie? Here’s what our Guy Next Door says…

  1. His Music Choice
  2. Contact With His Exes
  3. His Money Issues
  4. His Feelings For Your Friends
  5. His “Magic” Number

His Music Choice

16922-mens-secrets-7011.jpgInge, from Cape Town, says: “Although he would never admit it, my boyfriend really loves pop music. I sometimes hear him singing along to Britney Spears and I pretend like I’m not listening. He also has a thing for chick flicks, mostly romantic comedies.” WH’s Guy Next Door says: For all his talk about “real” music like Pearl Jam and Dylan, the failings of today’s pop music and generic drive-time playlists, the average guy actually loves a few songs by poppy girl bands and female artists. Rebecca Black might be pushing it, but spend some time studying male drivers during rush-hour traffic and you can identify the guys sneaking in their Lady Gaga fix.




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