Juicy Questions For Chris Hemsworth

Posted on: January 8th, 2013 by Sheila Monaghan
Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth plays a hardcore hero in Red Dawn (due for release soon), but here he reveals what makes him weak at the knees…

What’s the secret to a successful relationship?
Trust. Relationships aren’t always a smooth ride, and the only way to work through the difficult stuff is to be honest with each other.

Your previous character Thor, a Norse god, is banished to Earth because of his reckless actions. What’s the most reckless thing you’ve done for love?
I’ve abandoned prior engagements and run off to see a girl. I’ve done that many a time, and I’m sure my mates haven’t been happy with it. But hey… tough luck, fellas.

When does a woman look sexiest?
You can tell when a woman is dressing to please someone else or if she’s comfortable in what she has put on. It’s always appealing when women have their own sense of style. But I certainly prefer a summertime dress to the winter look.

How do you stay in shape?
To prepare for Thor, I was constantly weightlifting and building muscle, which was exhausting. I like to stay a little more flexible and I prefer cardio, so I do a lot of Muay Thai boxing, surfing and running. I like to keep lean, and it certainly suits my lifestyle and my natural physique.

What do you do to relax after a shoot?
At the moment, hang out with my little baby. It’s fascinating watching her; every day there’s something different to see. Now she’s becoming more aware of the world and that’s incredible. I also surf, train and watch movies: regular stuff. My wife and I are pretty outdoorsy and adventurous; we like to keep moving.

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