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3 Reasons Why You Feel Sad After Sex

Posted on: by Gina Beretta
Woman looking sad after sex

Getting all sad after sex? It’s normal.

A new study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that nearly half of women have experienced “post-coital dysphoria”, a mood switch that can trigger sadness or anger. Here’s why you feel emo:


Bawling your eyes out

Orgasm spikes the hormone prolactine, which can make tears flow. If sex turns on your waterworks, give him a heads-up so he doesn’t think, Whoa, it was that bad? suggests sex expert Dr Kat Van Kirk.

Feeling really pissed off

The same hormone surge that riggers after-sex crying can also make you mad, but mental disorders or relationship problems my be to blame. See a therapist if you have talked it out with your partner and are still silently seething.

Saying “Oh, Thula, that was good”… to Matthew

#Awkward! A one-time slip-up means nada, “but if you’re saying someone else’s name or fantasising about them a lot, you may need to find closure with that person or deal with an issue in your current relationship, says Van Kirk.

So, if crying is normal how about faking an orgasm or wanting him to visit your backdoor? Is it normal if you want to try this in the bedroom? The answer is… maybe.

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