Don’t Let The Mood Kill Your Groove

Posted on: November 26th, 2012 by Andrea Bartz
Sex not in the mood

Romance is a delicate thing – even when you’re completely caught up in the moment, an unexpected factor (a barking dog, an obnoxious car alarm, was that someone at the door?) can instantly kill the mood. But you don’t have to let the sparks evaporate into thin air. “If you’re thrown off by an interruption, your partner will be too,” says psychologist Dr Jeremy Nicholson. “Acting as if the distraction is no big deal will cue your man to get right back to business.” Read on for some strategies to get your sexy mood back…

  1. If Your Boss Calls
  2. Your Friend Barges In
  3. When He’s Too Attentive
  4. You Can’t Help Making A Noise
  5. You Haven’t Showered
  6. His Pet Is Watching You

If Your Boss Calls

Mood killer: Your boss calls while you're getting busy and you'll be totally screwed if you don’t answer. THE FIX: "Firstly, don't let it happen," says Cape Town-based clinical psychologist Philip Getz. "Turn your phone off – unless it's absolutely essential, it's crazy to set yourself up for interruptions during precious intimate moments." When it happens, simply pre-empt with, "Sorry, it's my boss. I must take this," suggests Getz. After you hang up with the head honcho, you can tell your lover how much you appreciate his tolerance and understanding, and especially his supportiveness of your career – use it as a transition back into the mood: "You're amazing. Now, where were we?"

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