Trousers For Summer

Posted on: September 14th, 2010 by Thamar Houliston

Trousers are back in a big way. Of course you can’t really say that trousers were ever passé, as such, but the new season’s look is a modern take on the flattering and feminine looks of bygone days. So ditch the harems and the hipsters and embrace these four new shapes for trousers this summer.

  1. The High Waist
  2. Cropped Trousers
  3. The Pleated Trousers
  4. Carrot Pants

The High Waist

Untitled-2.jpgHipsters have been the thing for years. Anything that came anywhere near your belly button was frumpy. But this season the waistlines have crept right up to the, well, waist. A flattering shape, this style emphases the waist and makes your legs look like they go on for miles. Wear them with a tucked in blouse of vest and heels. It's instant sophistication.

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